HK Drama

HK Drama

The Hunter’s Prey – 烏金血劍

Bet Hur – 澳門群英會

The Duel of the Twins – 絕代雙驕

Trimming Success – 飛短留長父子兵

The Sword Of Conquest – 怒劍嘯狂沙

Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain – 雪山飛狐

Legal Entanglement – 法網伊人

The Hitman Chronicles – 大刺客

Food For Life – Yummy Yummy

Heroes From Shaolin – 武尊少林

The Young Heroes Of Shaolin – 英雄出少年

The Legend Of Love – 牛郎織女

Ten Brothers – 十兄弟

The Jade Fox – 玉面飛狐

The Mysteries of Love – 談情說案

Knot to Treasure – 婚姻物語

The Stamp Of Love – 肥婆奶奶扭計媳

Phoenix Rising – 蘭花刼

Psycho Detective – 詭探

CRISIS – Special Security Squad

A Matter Of Business – 千里姻緣兜錯圈

The Grand Canal – 大運河

Big Family – 大家族

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 (Cantonese) – 射鵰英雄傳

The Biter Bitten – 人生馬戲團

Police Cadet 1988 – 新紮師兄1988

The Last Steep Ascent – 天梯

River Of Wine – 九江十二坊

Infernal Affairs – 無間道

The Predicton’s Game – 飛星尋龍

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