Mission Run – 廉政狙击

Mission Run – 廉政狙击 - Episode 01
Forensic JD - 女法医JD

Description: This drama “Mission Run – 廉政狙击” is about “Integrity Attack” were friends who lived in the same tenement house when they were young, but because the tenement building collapsed, everyone was separated and they met again more than 10 years later.


Other Names: Lian Zheng Ju Ji Hei Mu , Lian Zheng Ju Ji , Lim Zing Zeoi Gik Hak Mok , Lim Zing Zeoi Gik , 廉政狙击 , 廉政狙击·黑幕 , ICAC Attack , 廉政狙擊·黑幕
Release Date: 10 Dec2022 – 04 Jan2023
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Action, Mystery, TV Series, HK Drama
Running Time: 25 Episodes
Director: Virginia Lok Yee Ling (乐易玲)

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