Behind Your Touch (2023) – 힙하게 (English subtitles)

Behind Your Touch (2023) - 힙하게 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Killing Vote (2023) - 국민사형투표 (English subtitles)

Description:“Hip” is a story about people who live in a rural farm village. It tells a story of veterinarian, called Ye Bun, who exhibits psychometric superpowers, and a passionate detective, Jang Yeol, who both become involved in solving minor crimes.

Country: South Korea

Director: Kim Sok-yun

Actors: Han Ji-minJo Min-kookJoo Min-kyungJung Yi-rangKim Hee-wonLee Min-kiLee Seung-joonPark Hyeok-kwonPark No-shikPark Sung-yeon

Genres: Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

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