Blooming (2023) – 一念花开 (English subtitles)

Blooming Days (2023) - 岁岁青莲 (English subtitles)
The Bionic Life (2023) - 仿生人间 (English subtitles)

Description:Zhao Tan Tan’s senior brother has a magic flower on his forehead, and it will gradually bloom if he is emotional. The magic flower will fall into the devil’s hand when it blooms. From then on, Zhao Tan Tan began the hard days of persuading his senior brother to recite more scriptures and be less emotional.

Country: China

Director: Cha Chuen Yee

Actors: Alen FangHuang Ri YingLeslie MaQiu Shi LunWu Yi JiaZhong Qi

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia

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