Born to Run (2024) – 如果奔跑是我的人生 (English subtitles)

Born to Run (2024) - 如果奔跑是我的人生 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Like a Flowing River Season 3 (2024) - 大江大河之岁月如歌 (English subtitles)

Description: “Born to Run” tells the inspirational family ethics story of two mothers and daughters who rebuild their souls and ignite their lives after a car accident hit the bottom of their lives through a female perspective. Xiu Fang and Xiu Li are a pair of completely different sisters. Xiu Fang is optimistic and tenacious. After losing her husband, she opened a fried chicken shop for a living . All the while going through depression. Xiu Li is pessimistic, depressed, patriarchal, and has a strong desire to control her two children. After Xiu Fang’s 60th birthday party, a car accident claimed the legs of her daughter An Xin and the life of Xiu Li’s son. How to start life again has become the biggest problem facing the two families… When fate made a big joke with you, what would you choose to do? The future is blocked by a wall of resentment, fear, helplessness, hesitation, despair so what will you do?

Country: China

Director: Jiangming LiYan Shen

Actors: Chen XiaoyiDi XuHou WenyuanLi TiannuoLiu XunNing WongRong FeiSong YangTan XiheWang Youjun

Genres: Family, Life

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