Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023) – 他从火光中走来 (English subtitles)

Bright Eyes in the Dark (2023) - 他从火光中走来 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Living (2023) - 有生之年 (English subtitles)

Description:Lin Luxiao possesses exceptional firefighting skills and extensive experience. He is the head of the Special Operations Station on Heping Road in Beixun City. By a twist of fate, he is chosen to become an instructor for a reality show aimed at promoting firefighting knowledge. During the show, Lin Luxiao coincidentally encounters Nan Chu, a dancer he had rescued from a fire years ago. Nan Chu develops a fondness for Lin Luxiao, but he keeps his distance due to the inherent dangers of his profession. The young and courageous new generation of firefighters, such as Shao Yi Jiu and Qin Shi Quan, as well as Lou Mingye, who brings advanced equipment technology from abroad, have also returned to the fire department. The firefighters of different generations collaborate in rescue operations involving fires, earthquakes, and aerial rescues, raising the level of fire safety in Beixun City. As Nan Chu and Lin Luxiao gradually deepen their understanding of each other, they affirm their feelings. Faced with the most dangerous forest fire, Lin Luxiao and his teammates choose to advance against the flames.

Country: China

Director: Tian Yi

Actors: Johnny HuangTang Xiao TianZhang JinZhang Jing Yi

Genres: Action, Drama, Romance

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