CEO-dol Mart (2023) – 사장돌 마트 (English subtitles)

CEO-dol Mart (2023) - 사장돌 마트 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Kidnapping Day (2023) - 유괴의 날 (English subtitles)

Description:The Thunder Boys are K-pop heartthrobs whose talent agency has left them in hot water: The company is in financial trouble and has been struggling to pay its staff. The five-member group comprises leader Choi Ho Rang, dance supremo Shin Tae Ho, rapper Jo Yi Joon, lead singer Eun Young Min, and the super-popular Yoon Sang Woo. The boys are thrown a curveball when their agency’s financial troubles lead to them taking charge of a struggling supermarket – and tasked with turning its fortunes around. The boys have never known anything but K-pop, but all of a sudden need to learn how to stock-take, stack shelves, work tills, chop meat, and gut fish! Can they turn the supermarket into a local success story – and re-start their musical careers while they’re at it?

Country: South Korea

Director: Lee Yoo Yeon

Actors: Chae Hyung-wonChoi Jung-woonChoi Won-myeongKim ShanaLee Sae-onLee Sin-youngXiumin

Genres: Comedy, Drama

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