Destined With You (2023) – 이 연애는 불가항력 (English subtitles)

Destined With You (2023) - 이 연애는 불가항력 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
My Lovely Boxer (2023) - 순정복서 (English subtitles)

Description:Lee Hong Jo is the lowest grade civil servant. She always does her best at work, even though she suffers from many civil complaints. In her personal life, she is used to being alone. One day, she happens to become the owner of an old wooden chest and the key to lift a curse from Jang Shin Yu. Jang Shin Yu is a competent lawyer who is smart and good-looking. He is usually in the spotlight wherever he goes, but he suffers from an unexplained disease. His condition gets progressively worse. He is desperate to lift the curse that has run through his family for generations. A lawyer bound by a centuries-old curse becomes entangled with a civil servant who holds the key to his freedom — igniting an unexpected romance.

Country: South Korea

Director: Nam Ki Hoon

Actors: Ha JunHyun Bong-sikJo Bo-ahKim Hye-okLee Bong-ryeonLee Pil-moLee Tae-riMi RamPark Kyung-hyeRowoon

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Law, Romance

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