Everything Under Control (2023) – 超神經械劫案下

Where the Wind Blows (2023) - 風再起時
A Guilty Conscience (2023) - 毒舌大狀

Description: During a diamond heist, one of the security escorts steals the diamonds and flees. Fellow security escorts Yau Shing and Jelly are forced to help the robber track down the diamond. Tracking the diamonds, they stumble into a secluded village. While they clash with the weird villagers, the three men suspect that they are being haunted by a female ghost.

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Ying Chi-Wen

Actors: Aaryn Cheung Ming-WaiAngus YeungBonnie WongCarol ChengHins CheungHung Ka-hoIvana WongJeffrey NgaiKaying WongMichael Ning

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

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