Gyeongseong Creature (2023) – 경성크리처 (English subtitles)

Gyeongseong Creature (2023) - 경성크리처 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Maestra: Strings of Truth (2023) - 마에스트라 (English subtitles)

Description: Jang Tae Sang is a wealthy man. He is known as the most attractive man around Bukchon in Gyeongseong. He is also a reliable source of information around the area. His talents, including the ability to react quickly to situations, a keen insight, and sociability, have led him to his current position. He soon gets involved with Yoon Chae Ok, which leads him to reevaluate his priorities as a person. Yoon Chae Ok is famous as a todugun (a person who finds missing people). As a young child, she traveled between Manchuria and Shanghai, China, with her father. Her life was not easy, and she learned at that time how to survive. She developed skills with shooting guns, using knives and handling machines. Her mother went missing 10 years ago. To find her mother, Yoon Chae Ok arrives in Gyeongseong. There, she becomes involved with Jang Tae Sang. They follow a series of mysterious missing person cases, and they come upon a terrible reality.

Country: South Korea

Director: Jung Dong Yoon

Actors: Claudia KimHan So HeeHyun Bong-sikJi WooJo Han-chulKim Do-hyunKim Hae SookOk Ja-yeonPark Ji-hwanPark Seo-jun

Genres: Action, Historical, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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