Hilarious Family (2023) – 兰闺喜事 (English subtitles)

Hilarious Family (2023) - 兰闺喜事 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Spy Game (2023) - 特工任务 (English subtitles)

Description:Widowed for 18 years, Du Ruyu is determined to marry her four daughters into “good” families. To achieve this, she bears enormous financial pressure to buy a house in the capital, hoping her daughters could all have a marriage that’s “suited to their social and economic status (with rich or noble men)”. However, instead of the ideal wealthy son-in-laws, a series of unexpected young men have inexplicably intruded into their lives: the sheepish Lu Buping, who is a military officer’s son; the foolish yet arrogant heir of a prince; the Fourth Prince, who is oblivious to social cues but naturally kind; and Li Tengyun, who is full of positive energy but always messing up. None of these men meet Du Ruyu’s standards, yet they are getting closer and closer to her daughters…

Country: China

Director: Li Ya Fei

Actors: Han Yun YunJackie LiLi Jia QiLiu LinRen HaoWu Jia Yi

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Historical, Life

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