Lamb Game – 羔羊游戏

Queen of Triads 3 - 老板娘2无间潜行
72 Hour Gold Operation 2023 - 72小时-黄金行动

Description: Hong Kong, 1996. Wang Cui Ying was held hostage by robbers at her wedding and witnessed her husband die under the guns of bandits. Unable to get out of the haze, she now works in an archery hall. On the night of the typhoon, she accidentally stayed in the building, witnessed the same gang of bandits killing people in it. While escaping from them, she accidentally stumbles upon a blind man, Nan Ge. From that moment, they both try to escape from the bandits, in the building that has turned into a death trap.

A.K.A:Gao Yang You Xi / 羔羊游戲
Genre:Action, Thriller, Crime
Times:88 Minutes
Release Date:2023

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