Lost Love (2023) – 流水落花

The Beast Stalker - 証人
Where the Wind Blows (2023) - 風再起時

Description: For his project under the lauded First Feature Film Initiative programme, director Ka Sing- fung tells the heartrending journey of a woman whose life is forever changed by the children she takes in as a temporary foster carer. In a career-best performance, Sammi Cheng stars as Mei, a woman trying to get over the death of her young son through the children she welcomes into her home. Each ward offers Mei a different challenge and a newfound appreciation for the difficulties of motherhood, but when her dedication to the job causes her marriage to turn sour, Mei is forced to make a choice.

Country: Hong Kong

Director: Sing-Fung Ka

Actors: Alan LukHedwig Tam Sin-yinSammi ChengSean Wong Tsz-lok

Genres: Drama, Family

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