My Boss (2024) – 你也有今天 (English subtitles)

My Boss (2024) - 你也有今天 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
The Mutations (2023) - 天启异闻录 (English subtitles)

Description: Are Cheng Yao dreams of becoming a top lawyer about to come true? It seems so – when she is unexpectedly recruited by a leading legal firm. Excited, she moves house so she can nearer her new office. She moves in, full of hope, and soon encounters her new roommate Qian Heng. However, a surprise awaits her on her first day at work. Qian Heng turns out to be her direct superior at the office and he proves to be incredibly hard to please! Her training period quickly turns into a baptism of fire, and she starts to feel as though he is trying to chase her out of the company. But Cheng Yao won’t be so easily deterred. She redoubles her efforts, determined to prove she’s got what it takes. Could her zeal send this duo on the path to harmony and even love?

Country: China

Director: Chen Ming ZhangChen Shi Yi

Actors: Chen HaolanChen XiaoyunChen XingxuFan ShuaiqiGavin XieLi DianzunLi JunxianYe XiaoweiZhang Ruonan

Genres: Comedy, Law, Romance

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