Never Too Late (2023) – 我的助理六十岁 (English subtitles)

Romance on the Farm (2023) - 田耕纪 (English subtitles)
Ripe Town (2023) - 繁城之下 (English subtitles)

Description:Jiang Tian left home to work as an interior designer in Beijing and was transferred out to a branch in her hometown of Suzhou where she meets her 60-year-old roommate and fellow colleague, Wu Jing Fang. They establish a deep friendship through many setbacks while realizing their plan to help renovate old houses. Jiang Tian’s plan to return to Beijing falls through when she not only gets dumped but also loses her job. Brokenhearted and unemployed, Jiang Tian has no choice but to stay in her hometown. Wu Jing Fang accompanies Jiang Tian out of her darkest days and becomes her assistant in order to learn how to design. Under Wu Jing Fang’s influence, Jiang Tian finds a way to achieve a personal breakthrough while integrating into her hometown. Wu Jing Fang also rediscovers her self-worth in her sixties and reenters the competitive society. While helping others build their ideal homes, they have also determined the path they will take in the future.

Country: China

Director: Ding Pei

Actors: Bai Jing TingChen HaoDeng JieHe Hong ShanJiang Yi RuWang Zi Wen

Genres: Drama, Life

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