Ripe Town (2023) – 繁城之下 (English subtitles)

Ripe Town (2023) - 繁城之下 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Mr. & Mrs. Chen (2023) - 梅花桃红 (English subtitles)

Description:In the 37th year of the Wan Li Period of the Ming Dynasty, there were successive murders in the county seat of Jiangnan County. The identities of the dead were different and unrelated to each other. The corpses were arranged in bizarre poses, and there was a sentence left at the scene of each case. As the apprentice of the first victim, Xiaohu Kuaiqu Sanren cooperated with his friends to launch an investigation. With the deepening of the investigation, the three religions and nine streams, local farmers, workers and merchants of all colors appeared one after another. Amidst the fog, an old case from ten years ago surfaced. Who would the murderer be and for what purpose?

Country: China

Actors: Bai Yu FanJulia XiangLiu Yi TongNing LiZeng LiZhang Hao Wei

Genres: Historical, Mystery

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