Romance on the Farm (2023) – 田耕纪 (English subtitles)

Romance on the Farm (2023) - 田耕纪 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Never Too Late (2023) - 我的助理六十岁 (English subtitles)

Description:Lian Maner, a modern girl, accidentally finds herself in an ancient rural village where she encounters the eccentric Lian family, who are her distant relatives. She also meets the enigmatic and “tsundere” Shen Nuo. Together, they confront troublesome relatives, engage in farming and business ventures, and strive for prosperity. As they go through various hilarious and chaotic situations, their relationship deepens, and they promise to accompany each other through life. With chickens flying and dogs jumping, and with the gathering of relatives and the cultivation of rice, everyone is invited to join in the farming journey.

Country: China

Director: Hong Ling

Actors: Ai LiyaChang LongJoseph ZengLi MozhiTian XiweiWang JianguoWang QingXing ZeYang Zhiying

Genres: Comedy, Historical, Life, Romance

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