Tales from the Occult: Body and Soul (2023) – 失衡凶間之罪與殺

Homestay (2018) - 借来的100天
Everything Under Control (2023) - 超神經械劫案下

Description: It features three different spooky tales loosely inspired by international folklores. While attending the birthday celebration of the scion of some record company, an ex-hair model who aspires to make a comeback in the entertainment business gets her tresses burnt by a spoiled brat. She walks into a hair salon to salvage her sole pride and joy, only to meet her most macabre end.

Also Known As: Tales from the Occult 2 , Shi Heng Xiong Jian 2 , Shi Heng Xiong Jian Zhi Zui Yu Sha , Sat Hang Hung Gaan 2 , Sat Hang Hung Gaan Ji Jeui Yu Saat , 失衡兇間2 , 失衡凶间2 , 失衡凶间之罪与杀 , 失衡凶間2
Director: Frank Hui, Daniel Chan
Genres: Thriller, Horror

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