The Justice (2023) – 宣判 简体版 (English subtitles)

The Justice (2023) - 宣判 简体版 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Rising With the Wind (2023) - 我要逆风去 (English subtitles)

Description: The Justice’ is a realistic television drama with significant legal and social significance. The series revolves around Qi Heng, the newly appointed deputy chief judge of the Intermediate People’s Court in Qizhou City, who upholds the principle of fairness and justice above all else. With an extremely responsible attitude towards society, he takes on the ‘fishing boat murder case’ as a starting point and works in cooperation with the police and procuratorate to overcome pressure and interference from corrupt businessmen like Luo Huaigong, and delivering fair judgments in a series of complex cases. Throughout the process, Qi Heng’s noble character and deep sense of compassion deeply affect his brother-in-law, Guo Lun, ultimately untangling the emotional entanglement that Guo Lun had held onto since Qi Heng sent him to prison years ago for upholding justice. With Guo Lun’s assistance, and based on the investigations into the ‘fishing boat murder case’ and ….

Country: China

Genres: Law, Mystery

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