The Kidnapping Day (2023) – 유괴의 날 (English subtitles)

The Kidnapping Day (2023) - 유괴의 날 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Han River Police (2023) - 한강 (English subtitles)

Description:Kim Myung Joon is a poor man with a warm heart. He desperately needs money to pay for his sick daughter’s operation. His ex-wife suggests he kidnap a child with rich parents. Kim Myung Joon is desperate enough to accept her idea. While on his way to kidnap Choi Ro Hee, Kim Myung Joon has an accident, hitting a young girl. The victim is none other than Choi Ro Hee, who has lost her memory. Pretending to be her father, Kim Myung Joon brings Choi Ro Hee to his home from the hospital. Whenever he contacts Choi Ro Hee’s parents for the ransom money, his calls remain unanswered. Deciding to investigate, he drives to their house, only to witness their dead bodies being carried out on stretchers. Making matters worse, Choi Ro Hee has now uncovered his web of lies, including his not being her father.

Country: South Korea

Director: Park Yoo-young

Actors: Choi Eun-wooGo HaJeon Kwang-jinJeon Yu-naKang Yeong-seokKim Dong WonKim Sang HoKim Shin-rockPark Sung HoonSeo Jae-hee

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

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