Tiger and Crane (2023) – 虎鹤妖师录 (English subtitles)

Tiger and Crane (2023) - 虎鹤妖师录 (English subtitles) - Episode 01
Embrace Love (2023) - 拥抱未来的你 (English subtitles)

Description:This tells the story of a group of teenagers who, for the sake of their dreams, love, and responsibility, trudge through the gloom of the chaotic world to save the world. The optimistic and cheerful mountain orphan Huzi accidentally swallows a red pearl, a treasure of Yang, and befriends the cold captain, who is also a clean freak, Qi Xiao Xuan, a national demon master. The two young people with very different personalities are forced to go on the road together because of a red pearl, and they make friends with Zhao Xin Tong, Wang Yu Qian and others. They are attracted by each other’s differences, and through some adventures, they become life-and-death friends when Qi Xiaoxuan is imprisoned in order to protect Huzi. In order to save Qi Xiaoxuan, Huzi and his partners come together to participate in the selection of the national imperial demon master, but there, they uncover the great conspiracy of the national imperial demon master and seek to find the truth about the human-demon war five hundred years ago. Suppressed for five hundred years, the demon army is seeking to destroy Earth, and the master of the State Master Demon Division is trying to take advantage of the chaos to dominate the world. Just when the ambitions of the human and demon worlds bring a catastrophe on earth, a group of dreamy and passionate teenagers are willing to sacrifice themselves to save the earth.

Country: China

Director: Guo Hu

Actors: Chen You WeiDai XiangyuHan ChengyuHe LandouJiang LongWang YuwenYe QingZhang LingheZhang Zhixi

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Wuxia

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